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King Island Breaks

Turnstone was specifically designed and built for this site to provide a hideaway on the wonderful west coast of King Island.

The house has sweeping views of the Southern Ocean. Large double glazed windows all round  naturally frame the surrounding coastal landscape. It is a memorable experience to view the rolling surf , a sunset,  or  a big storm  from the deck or the comfort of the living room . 


You may see a white Sea Eagle  or a Pied Oyster Catcher cruising past from the living room or along the beautiful coastal walks from your doorstep


 Turnstone offers a  meaningful West coast experience and feels remote.  


All that , but just 15 minutes from the Airport and 20 minutes to Currie and not far  from everything else. Ocean Dunes golf course is 15 minutes and Cape Wickham about half an hour . 

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